Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Our final day in Kolkata was bittersweet. The sad goodbyes were overshadowed by our celebratory visit to the property on which the future hope house will lie. The tranquil setting drowns out the incessant noise of the city with ease. In fact, it makes you forget the chaos entirely. How perfect this escape will be for the most deserving women and children. I stood in the stillness and reflected upon the hope, care, love, and restoration that will soon be provided to these beautiful girls. Pure joy!

I parted with sorrow, but I know I will return soon. You have my heart, Kolkata.

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  1. Wow Brittan...I just spent the last half hour reading through your posts. What an amazing journey you've been on. And what great moments you captured! I love that you say you will adopt from here one day...I think adoption is at the very heart of God and it is an exciting and miraculous journey! Love you and so proud of you! ~Sheena