Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a love story.

The days just keep getting better. We had the absolute privilege of visiting a school in Serampore, an hour and a half outside Kolkata. Once again, I fell madly in love with the most adorable kids my eyes have ever beheld. Bonnie and Robin, the dynamic duo that founded the school, impressed me beyond belief. They fell in love at a young age, but after Bonnie's mother died, she was responsible for taking care of her eight younger siblings. Robin proposed, but Bonnie was forced to decline because she couldn't abandon her family. They both went on with their lives, married and started families. 50 years later after both had been widowed, their paths intersected once again. Robin proposed for the second time. Bonnie's response was different this time. A doctor by profession, Bonnie runs a free clinic for women and children while Robin is in charge of the school. What they do for these children is nothing short of remarkable. I sat across the table from Bonnie listening to her heart for these darling kids. I was speechless. The fire and passion in her voice and in her eyes impacted me on a deep level. It was a profound moment for me. Bonnie and Robin are both in their 70's now...and they both work six days a week. Oh to love like that.

While sitting in the clinic watching Bonnie in action, many captivating people passed by. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

After visiting the clinic, we walked down the street to the school. I need to preface my experience at the school by saying we have been warned against hugging the the children close to our heads because of lice. Needless to say, all of those instructions went to hell the moment I stepped into their world. I just couldn't help myself. Let me show you why....

Too beautiful for words! Orjit, one of the volunteer coordinators at the hospital accompanied us to the school. He told me not to sit on the floor with them if I didn't want to get attacked. So, what did I do? Once again, I couldn't help myself. One-by-one they would pile on top of me until I couldn't move...or breathe for that matter. And then they would all fall over, giggle hysterically, and start all over again. I don't know if I've ever felt more alive.

I told you...it just keeps getting better.


  1. by far my favorite post! I love being able to read about your adventures - so proud to see that you're impacting lives!

  2. thank you for reading, alyssa! hope you're well. miss you!

  3. i love reading this. britt i'm proud of you! love you.