Monday, January 18, 2010

what a day.

I don't know where to begin. We started off our day at the hospital where I witnessed my first ever live surgeries. First, we observed a gall bladder removal. Next, we watched a C-section birth which was the most graphic, disgusting, beautiful, emotional thing I have ever experienced. This barely 5-pound precious baby boy made me cry. His momma was under anesthesia during the procedure, but the doctor told us she had already lost one child to a miscarriage, and two others hadn't survived birth. He was her first little miracle. I was moved.

After the hospital, we took a little drive to the slums. During the bus ride there, we happened to stop at an intersection. I looked out the window to find a half-dressed little girl defecating on the sidewalk. My heart hurt.

Soon after, we arrived at Stars Welfare Society, a school for children in the area. These little ones stole my heart.

At one point, I stopped and looked around at the cutest little kids in the world, and my eyes filled with tears. Nothing profound was happening. We were simply coloring, but I was brought to tears. I knew in that moment that I have too much love to give. I wanted to rescue them all. I wanted to take them home with me and love on them forever. Leaving was difficult.

The afternoon was full of joy. The photos speak for themselves. It's hard to only select a few, but I'll try.......

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  1. Kolkata ruined my life in the best way possible. Looking at your photos takes me back. Enjoy it. Breath in every minute of that death and curry and pollution. :)

    Be safe. Praying for you.