Sunday, January 17, 2010

thoughts from today...

With today being Sunday, the large majority of shops were closed, and the streets were slightly more tranquil than normal. There were significantly less people walking around, and significantly more kids on the street begging. It's impossible to pass on by without feeling a deep sense of sadness. They yell, "auntie, please, please help" and your heart shatters into a million tiny pieces. Unfortunately, for many of them this is simply a task they've been manipulated into completing. If you've seen the movie Slumdog Millionaire, the depiction of the children is not far from reality. I was fortunate enough to capture this little guy in all his glory.

I also got lucky when I spotted the most precious little girl on the street. I frantically reached for my camera and turned it on hoping I would be able to catch her in time. So not to offend her mother and the other women with her, I remained inconspicuous and just barely lifted my camera high enough as I passed by which explains the slight blur. Why was I so anxious to get the shot?

If you look closely, she is wearing a tattered Santa Claus hat. She and her hat made my day.

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